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International music festival of vocal-choral art



20.10. - 23.10.2018г, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Organizers of the project:
Children's Music and Choral School «Elim ai»,

We supported by:
Almaty City Administration
College of music named by P.I. Tchaikovsky, Almaty

 Kazakh National Academy of Arts named by T.Zhurgenova

 Representative Russian Cooperation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Russian General Consulate in Almaty

Goals and objectives of the festival:

• The popularization of choral art, youth pop art as a solo and collective form of creativity in worldwide space

• Creating the conditions for the revival and preservation of traditions of cultural heritage

• Spiritual education of the younger generation - introduction to the song, folk music, folklore

• Positioning of Almaty as a unique cultural and historical center of Kazakhstan

• Engaging citizens in active participation in the musical life of the city

• Opened attend all competitive events

• Presentation of the culture of different nations, expanding creative contacts

• Strengthening of international relations and cooperation through cultural and
   creative exchange

• Increased professional skills of groups, educators and members of mastery

• Raising awareness of government, international and commercial organizations to the problems of creative teams and performers

• Show Festival in the mass media

During the contest, sponsors and advertisers provided opportunities advertising campaign in concert halls of Almaty.

Festival invites:

soloists, ensembles, choirs of different genres and directions from Kazakhstan and abroad.

Group “A” – soloists of different genres  from 5 to 25 years old
Group “B” – ensembles of different genres  from 5 to no age restrictions
Group “C” – children's choirs from 5 to 16 years old
Group “D” – choirs homogeneous, mixed from 16 years old to no age restrictions

In the category “C” and “D” allowed participation contestants younger or older than the specified age limits to 10%


Festival «Almaty Autumn - 2018» includes:

- Opening of the festival-contest

- Concert-contest by nominations

- Festival concerts of friendship (program 7 min.)
- Roundtable with members of the jury
- Gala Concert (best concert performances)
- Excursion program
                     Requirements for participants of the festival-contest:


Group «A» - maximum 7 minutes  

Participants perform different genre compositions.
1. Song about city Almaty or song by Kazakhstan composers
2. Foreign / Russian hit

3. Composition from cartoons, movies

                     Requirements – quality arrangements (minus)

Group «B» - maximum 7 minutes (from 2 to 15 people)

Participants perform different genre compositions.
1. Preference are given to the song’s about city Almaty or song by Kazakhstan composers, the Kazakh folk songs in pop / jazz interpretation. For foreign groups - composition of own country.

2. Foreign / Russian hit
3. Composition from cartoons, movies

                     Requirements – quality arrangements (minus)

Group «C» - maximum 10 minutes (from 16 people)

1. Composition by Kazakhstan composer / composition of composer of own country for foreign groups.

2. Popular song of the Soviet epoch until 1990. (a song from movies, cartoons)

3. Composition for choice

Requirements – 1-2-3 voice elements, 1 composition is allowed with arrangements (minus)


Group «D» - maximum 10 minutes (from 16 people)

1. Composition by Kazakhstan composer / composition of composer of own country for foreign groups.

2. Popular song of the Soviet epoch until 1990. (a song from movies, cartoons)

3. Composition for choice

Requirements – 2-3-4 voice elements, 1 composition is allowed with arrangements (minus)

Participants are given time (5 min.) for rehearsal before competition
Festival concert program (maximum 7 minutes)

two different genre songs that are not performed in the contest

Soloists, groups who decide to perform concert with specific requirements, please indicate this in application form and submit your program on creative section of application form (with name of composer, name and duration of song). Arts Council of the festival may choose application, if the program and level of soloist or group not respondthe level and conception of the choir concert.

Terms and conditions:

1. Accepting of applications is made via the website  www.musicfest.kz in the section of Competition "Almaty autumn -2018", or by e-mail: musicfest.kz@gmail.com. You have to apply the application (fill an electronic form according to the instructions) till 10.09.2018.

2. Each group in response to their request (form attached) will receive by organizing committee official invitation and PARTICIPANT status.

3. All applications and lists of participants with passport data received by the organizing committee via e-mail within a reasonable period for the receipt of applications.

4. Agreements for participation in the festival "Almaty autumn- 2018"  for organizations are certified by director's signature , stamp and handed at the day of arrival together with the original application to the organizing committee.

5. Payments have to be made ​​in cash or non-cash to account of organizing committee of the festival "Almaty autumn- 2018."

6. Every soloist and group will be provided by coordinator.

7. Arts Council of the festival confirms or rejects the application for participation in the festival. Notification of approval will be sent until 15.09.2018.


     Competition is estimate by professional jury, consisting of representatives of Kazakhstan and abroad. Judges – honored artists of culture, famous artists, supervisors of Kazakh and international artistic groups, composers and producers.

     The judges will be approved and announced not later than 15 days before opening of the competition. Decisions of judges (voting form is closed) shall be final and cannot be subject for discussion.

Assessment criteria:

- Intonation                                          - Repertoire

- Technique                                          - Scenic culture

- Artistic expression                               - Aesthetics of costumes

- Stylistics of the composition


The juries have opportunity (depending on results of the Competition)

 - To award the Grand Prix

 - Not to award all places

Contest results closed until official awards ceremony and the result is a form filled after the discussion of competitive performances at the final meeting of the judges.

Necessary documents:

- Application form filled

- A list of all the speakers and visitors, including passport data

- The order of responsibility for the lives and health of children

- Medical insurance (for foreign teams)

Registration fee

 After approval of participation in competition till  20.09.2018., have to be paid:

- Registration fee for participant of group «А» = 8 000 kzt.

- Registration fee for participant of group «B»: duos, trio = 10 000 kzt, ensembles from 4 to 8 participants = 15 000 kzt, from 9 participants = 20 000 kzt.

- Registration fee for participant of group «C», «D» = 60 000 kzt.

In case of cancellation fee is not refundable. Groups taking part in 2 nominations have to pay extra 20 000 kzt

Fee includes organizational expenses of participants, preparation of programs for each team, the expenses of printing and digital design project materials, internet resources, promotional and award products, payment for tickets to concert events of the festival "Almaty autumn 2018." 

The price of stay for festival participants - 4 days / 3 nights for one person:

- Hotel = 35 000 kzt - 2-3-bed rooms with breakfast

- Hostel = 9 000 kzt - 4-8-bed rooms, no meal


Additional payments:

Lunch or dinner (1100 kzt per person), transfers from and to train station / airport = 2 000 kzt  (per person), photo and video shooting for the portfolio team, recording material on the disc, additional excursions.    A group of  20 people - the head master get free hostel cost


After approval of participate in festival-contest the prepayment is held in amount of 30% of the total fee of stay at our event (till 20.09.2018). In case of cancellation prepayment not refund.

Video / audio recording

All rights of video / audio recording during the festival events, as well as their use belong exclusively to the Organizer.

Changes of Festival provisions

The organizer reserves the right to change or supplement these terms of unforeseen technical, organizational or artistic reasons.

Language of correspondence

For any correspondence, as well as filling all application forms, including the artistic program, please use Russian or English. Oral information is available in Russian and Kazakh languages.

Travel expenses

Expenses upon arrival to the competition, accommodation / meals for participants and their accompanying persons cover the sending organization.

Applications for accommodation booking accepted via e-mail to the Organizing Committee, in which you must specify:

a). category of chosen hotel,

b). the total number of arrivals,

c). lists with the distribution of the rooms (girls / boys , male / female, supervisors).



After getting the required materials and confirmation of participation of soloist/group in the event, further information about the Festival will be sent. Kindly request you to inform aforehand the Organizing Committee about the date of arrival and departure of the participants.


At the Gala Concert, all participants of the Festival will be awarded with diplomas, gifts, prizes. The winners will be invited to a privilege participation in international festivals and competitions in Europe. To get award before official ceremony and day after is impossible.  Diplomas, prizes, gifts will not be sent by mail.


October 20


Arrival in Almaty.

12.00 - 15.00 – accommodation, dinner

17.00 - meeting for supervisors

18.00 - meeting for supervisors, buffet

       October 21





10.00 - Ceremonial opening of the Festival. Concert - contest

13.00 -14.00 - dinner

14.00 - 18.00 – Concert - contest

19.00 - Concert of Friendship between choirs of participants (on request)

October 22




11.00 – 12.30 - roundtable with members of the jury

13.00 – 14.00 - dinner

14.00 - Closing Ceremony. Gala - concert. Rewarding

October 23





10.00 -13.00 – sightseeing day, Medeo, Chimbulak (for the request).


Optional additional excursions



Optional excursion day: Turgen waterfalls + trout farm (one day), Charyn canyon (one day),

ethnic music museum, observatory, Kazakh National Museum,performance at the Opera theater, aqua-park and etc.

Orders are accepteduntil September 20,2018.































Organization committee has the right to change the program


Organization Committee of the Contest:

- Artistic Director of the Festival:
                            Romanovskaya Larissa (+7 707 622 24 12)
- Coordinators:   Nenilina Tatyana             (+7 777 349 90 02)
                            Nalobina Irina             (+7 701 322 75 61)



Address of organization committee: 050100, Almaty, Dostyk, 59, DMHSH "Elim ai"
                                                     Tel: +7 (727) 291-19-28, musicfest.kz@gmail.com

Welcome to the beautiful city 

Welcome to the beautiful city of Almaty!Welcome to the beautiful city of Almaty!

Welcome to the beautiful city of Almaty! MedeoWelcome to the beautiful city of Almaty! Medeo

Welcome to the beautiful city of Almaty! Alla-TauWelcome to the beautiful city of Almaty! Alla-Tau


  for participation in the International Festival-Competition

Vocal- choral art «Almaty Autumn - 2018»

20.10. - 23.10.2018

Applications should be filled by print letters or on computer (deadlineuntil 10.09. 2018).


Поля, помеченные символом *, обязательны для заполнения.

Director /Name/                                                                                       Signature


Full list of staff attached to the application:
participants (children, heads), accompanying with the date of birth, passport number 


Organizational Committee Address: 050100, Almaty, Dostyk 59,  tel./ fax: +7 (727) 291-19-28


A sample for visitors with accommodation:

Date, time and place of arrival, bus / train / plane:

Date, time and place of departure, bus / train / plane:

Contact phone number of the manager:

Group list for accommodation in the hostel / hotel (sample):


Date of birth



Petrova Maria


Double room


Petrova Olga Ivanovna



Sidorova Anna


Triple room


Sidorov Ivan Petrovich



Sidorova Ekateryna Mikhaylovna